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Dhensa Boutique Resorts opens its first resort in Bhutan’s Punakha Valley in March 2014. 

At Dhensa we remember a time when colours seemed brighter, time seemed longer, and smells were sweeter.  A time when the purity of simplicity of everyday life inspired our curiosity.  Our first boutique resort, set in Bhutan’s Punakha Valley, pays homage to these simple moments; inviting you to retreat, to revive your senses, and to immerse yourself in the peace and beauty of nature at its most brilliant.

Dhensa Boutique Resorts is operated by Rykadan Hospitality Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rykadan Hospitality Investments (“RHI”).  Based in Singapore,  a company of Rykadan Capital Ltd, which is listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange, RHI is a lifestyle destination developer with a portfolio of hotels & resorts, attractions, food & beverage, and hospitality education businesses.

Rykadan’s ability to ensure business aspirations and goals are met lies in its capacity to draw from the vertical business expertise of the Rykadan Group.   For further information on Rykadan visit www.rykadan.com.sg

Central to what we do and pride ourselves in is re-acquainting you with simple luxuries that many have forgotten in our daily lives.  A time to re-discover what nature has to offer since the dawn of time at a choice vantage point over a mid-morning picnic.  Away from the urban jungle with a quiet trek into the isolation of the pristine pine forestry.  An opportunity to experience rice threshing with the locals as a glimpse of local sustenance, a microcosm of how we used to feed.  An afternoon practicum with an artisan to craft a souvenir for keeps.  All of which are bespoke to your preference in specific areas of indulgence.  A return to the purest form of luxury.  A return to innocence.

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