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HEALTHThe best medical facilities are at the general hospital in Thimphu. Travelers are advised to advise to avoid untreated or un- boiled water. Altitude sickness can affect some travelers although accommodation is at around the same altitude as most ski resorts. General medicines are readily available but guest are advised to bring in their own requirements for the duration of their visit. Guests should consult their doctors and arrange travel insurance prior to departure.

DRESSClothing requirements vary greatly depending on the season. Light, loose clothing is appropriate for summer days with evenings requiring a sweater or jacket. From autumn till the end of winter, warm clothes are required. Warm trouser combined with layered clothing, fleece or down-jackets, a hat and gloves are recommended. Bring comfortable sports shoe for light touring and hiking boots for treks. When visiting dzongs, monasteries and lhakhangs, appropriate attires is required. With nothing shorter than knee length and shoulders should be covered, ideally down to mid upper arm. Sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglass are strongly recommended for higher elevations.

Many of the temples seek small offerings 10/20 Nu (20Nu = circa 25c) – but small notes are in short supply, if you get hold of any keep them – they are always useful.

Getting cash from Paro airport exchange desk is a great starting point, and Indian rupees are accepted as though local currency – so if you can get any rupees before your visit that can help. But you won’t be able to use cash machines and if you have US$/Euros/travellers cheques can be changed in the bank.

Travelling around Bhutan on the roads is slow and can be tiring. You’ll be lucky to average more than 20 mph – so the best advice is relax and enjoy the scenery. If you are prone to travel sickness, then you might need travel sickness tablets. Don’t be surprised if it takes you longer to reach a destination than you expected.

The food can be in variety of taste in the capital city but after you leave the capital city it could be boring, but you won’t starve, and there is plenty for vegetarians, but you will be bored after a 10 day stay!

Souvenirs are expensive; the weekend market in Thimphu has the best prices which will typically be 20%-30% less than anywhere else, for broadly the same items.

Upon arrival you will be met at the far side of the terminal by a guide, entry to Bhutan is pretty relaxed but it helps to have a copy of the visa details sent to you by BMT (or at least the number of the visa – which you will also need on exit).

CHECK-IN: The reporting time is two hours prior to flight departure. All counters are closed 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure of the flight. Check-in counters in Delhi will close 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the flights.

RECONFIRMATION: All reservation must be reconfirmed at least 72 hours before scheduled departure. Failure to reconfirm will result in cancellation of booking without any notice.

VALIDITYTickets issued against full fare are valid for a period of one year, except as otherwise provided in the ticket.

AIRPORT/TRAVEL TAXAirport/ travel tax is payable by all passengers before embarking a flight.


Following registered baggage is allowed free of charge

Class Adult Child Infant

Executive 30kg 30kg Nil

Economy 20kg 20kg Nil

Unless otherwise stated by the ticketing carrier, the free baggage allowed when travelling under concessional fares shall be the same as that of full paying passengers.

HAND BAGGESTo comply with the security regulations, passengers may carry only one hand baggage. Its sum of three dimensions (length, breadth and height) should not exceed 100 cm and the weight should not exceed more than 5kg. The hand baggage may comprise:

A lady’s handbag

An overcoat or a wrap

An umbrella or a walking stick

A small camera and a pair of binoculars

A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight

For invalid, passengers, a fully collapsible invalid wheel chair and / or a pair of crutches.

All other items, such as typewriters, briefcases, overnight bags, personal radios, vanity cases, large cameras, etc will be weighted with other baggage and will be subject to payment of excess baggage charges if the total weight exceeds the free baggage allowance.

CONNECTION TIMEAll passengers are advised to maintain a minimum of 24 hours connection time to avoid misconnections due to weather, which is one of the major causes for misconnections.

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